Casino Bonus Types

Casino Bonus TypesPlaying at the online casino offers interactive fun and excitement to gamers from around the world who can find their favourite casino challenges and compete in the high-action pastime for a few minutes or a few hours of enjoyable entertainment.

There are two gaming modes at the online casino – the Free Mode and the Real Mode. When you play in the Free Mode you can play any game for as long as you want for free, with no obligations or expectations. Casino experts suggest that all players play their games in the Free Mode before they make a deposit so that they can practice the game, review the rules and become more familiar with each game’s features and elements. When a player feels confident that he’s mastered the game, he can move over to the Real Mode and start playing for real money prizes. This, the casino advisers note, is the best indicator for success in casino gambling, and the Free Mode tool should be maximized to its fullest by beginning and advanced gamers alike.

Playing for free offers entertaining fun, but there’s no real challenge to the game. You spin the reels, manipulate the special features and compete at the bonus games…but there’s something lacking. When you take your casino activity to the next level you’ll be able to engage in casino competition for real cash prizes. You know that you’re playing for something tangible when you play for real money. The payouts that you win at the end of your gaming session are real money payouts and you can take them home and enjoy them in any way that you wish.

So how to you turn your gambling adventure to your advantage?

Real Money Prizes

There are numerous ways to earn real money prizes at the online casino. First, of course, are the regular payouts that you win during the regular cycles of each game. Many of the games also feature extra rounds and bonus options which allow you to add to your regular payouts by playing more games for more time with no required deposit. The online casino bonus guide can help you maximize your gaming event so that you can benefit from these different Casino Bonus Types.

There are several different kinds of no deposit casino bonuses which allow you to play more games for more time for free. The first, and the most widely-used, is the no deposit welcome bonus which is automatically applied to the gaming activities of all new gamers. Immediately after you sign up for your new casino account, any real money games that you play during your first week of casino activity will have an online casino sign up bonus applied. So, every time that you make a wager during your first week – up to the Welcome Bonus limit – the casino will automatically grant you free gaming credits that you can apply to your chosen game.

For example, if you are playing roulette and make a $40 deposit, the casino will match your $40, giving you $80 in gaming credits. The extra $40 credits are real money gaming credits and all of the payouts that you achieve via these credits earn you real cash prizes.

Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

After you’ve completed your first week of casino activity you’ll be eligible for other Canadian online casino bonuses. Some of the other Casino Bonus Types include Loyalty Points for veteran players, VIP bonuses for gamers who have accrued enough gaming credits to enter the casino’s VIP room, credits for special draws and events and invitations to play the casino’s progressive jackpots and tournaments.

All of the casino bonuses are available 24/7 for PC and mobile gamers. If you prefer to play from the comfort of your own home, you can access the casino bonuses when you play at the Download Casino via downloaded casino software on your laptop or desktop console.

If you’re traveling or playing on a public device, you can apply your casino bonuses to your Flash Casino gambling event. The Flash Casino opens on any browser so you can play your games, apply your bonus credits and earn real money prizes which are added to your casino earnings. After you’ve finished your casino activity you can sign out to protect your gaming history, personal details and banking information.

Mobile users can access all of the casino games and Casino Bonus Types on their handheld mobile device. The mobile casino opens on Android and iOS smartphone and tablet browsers so you can play your games and apply your bonuses via your personal casino account at any time and from any location on mobile.

All of the gaming platforms are connected to your central casino account where your wins and bonus points are calculated. So, for instance, if you’ve been playing on your PC and decide to move to your mobile to continue your gambling activities, all of your earnings and bonus credits will be waiting for you in your personal account which you can access on your mobile screen.

Playing with bonus credits earns you more payouts and provides you with a more satisfying and more rewarding casino experience.