Game of Thrones Free Casino Bonus

Game of Thrones Free Casino BonusIf you’re one of the Game of Thrones groupies who can’t wait for the next themed-whatever to come out – you’re in luck. With this new casino game, you’ll join the packs of people who have been waiting for this phenomenal game to hit the gaming scene. And with the Game of Thrones free casino bonus choices offered now, no one will want to miss this opportunity. There are two ways to play this game that include the 15 fixed payline section and the 243 Ways to Win section. Now, in the paylines part of the game you can win as much as 75,000 and in the Ways to Win one you can find yourself with a shocking 121,000.

Watching Out for the Action

As you start to play and see the 30 free spins bonus they are offering in many places, you’ll want to watch out for certain features. The scatter bonus offers a random cash prize if you have two of the scatters. The wild symbol can jump in for others to create wins. You can stack up to three of these in the base game and the free spins section. If you have three to five of the scatter symbols, you’ll enter into the free spins section of the game where you can have a blast and also have 30 free spins bonus fun. The free spins section can pay as much as 75,000.

Free Spins Fun

Now, as you’re enjoying the Game of Thrones free casino bonus, you’ll see that the free spins section has four features. In the free spins part with House Baratheon the player will get eight free spins with a 5x multiplier. The House Baratheon Sigil symbol can be stacked as high as three high. In the House Lannister free spins you’ll get 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier. The Sigil symbol can stack as high as four. Next, when you see the House Stark you’ll get 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier. The House Stark Sigil symbol will go up to five stacked. Finally, with the House Targaryen you’ll get 18 free spins and a 2x multiplier. Here, you can stack as high as six.

Gambling for Fun

The free bonuses for Canadian players also allow players to get even more for their playing time and for their fun. There are many ways to enjoy the awesome drama of the Game of Thrones game while getting free casino bonuses and more. Now, with the Gamble feature you’ll see a trail map. There are four parts to the trail and you can double your money. You’ll flip a coin and call out either heads or tails. With each win, and each time you double your money, you’ll move onto another stage on the trail. You can keep gambling until you’ve reached the gamble limit or until you’ve finished the map.

All of this adds up to awesome fun. The Game of Thrones comes alive in this online gaming version of the story that has become so well-loved and famous. The graphics here are as you would expect – eye popping and enticing. The sound effects bring you into the feel of the game and the excitement is palpable. And, on top of that, the casinos are offering free casino bonuses with the Game of Thrones free casino bonus chances. You can’t go wrong here.