Play and Win at Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo for February

Play and Win at Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo for February

New Year’s Day is a memory but Valentine’s Day is upon us. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the entire month of February than to play Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo.

You and your lover can spend many fruitful and blissful moments playing the nearly 800 games available at All Slots Casino. For every 50 Loyalty Points you earn in February, you will receive one ticket to the weekly Cupid’s draw where $25,000 will be divided amongst 1440 lucky winners each week in Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo.

Ticket to Tickets

In the All Slots Casino world, Loyalty Points are one of the many ways All Slots tries to “give something back” to its loyal players. Adding to the benefit of Loyalty Points, in February All Slots is using them as a ticket to the draw tickets!

Cupid’s Draw

Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo is their latest month-long promotion. As has become the unbreakable custom at All Slots, the month is divided into four weekly parts. All Slots was perhaps the first of the Canadian online casinos to recognize that Canadian online casinos players are very busy people who can’t hope to win in a leaderboard field type of monthly promotion. So, All Slots divides the month into weeks and guarantees 1440 per week!

No one can win more than one prize per week but some really lucky gamer could win one prize each week!

You get one ticket to the weekly draw for every 50 Loyalty Points you earn. To make it even easier to play Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo, you can earn ticket multipliers by playing at least 3 days each week. This casino bonus applies to each week separately.

  • For playing 3 days, your tickets are multiplied 3x.
  • For playing 4 days in the week your tickets are multiplied 4x.
  • For playing 5 days, your tickets are multiplied 5x.
  • For playing 6 days, your tickets are multiplied 6x.
  • For playing 7 days, your tickets are multiplied 7x

Cash Prizes Totaling $25,000 Each Week

Here are the cash prizes and the number of gamers who will win them each week in February during Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo:

  • $1000 each week to 5 players.
  • $500 each week to 10 players.
  • $100 each week to 25 players.
  • $50 each week to 50 players.
  • $25 each week to 100 players.
  • $10 each week to 250 players.
  • $5 each week to 1000 players.

The Weekly Schedule

All official Cupid’s target times are GMT. Players playing at Canadian online casinos need to subtract from GMT to take their time zone into account. Officially, each week begins at 00:01 GMT and ends at 23:59 GMT. Here are the weekly dates:

  • Week 1 will start on January 31 and will end on February 6.
  • Week 2: Feb 7 to Feb 13.
  • Week 3: Feb 14 to Feb 20.
  • Week 4: Feb 21 to Feb 27.

All Slots has Seven “Partners”

All Slots was developed and introduced to the online gaming public in 2000 by Jackpot Factory which has since become a well-known and respected group of Canadian online casinos. All Slots is still the best-known casino in the group and is recognized as its flagship casino.

All five PC casinos and all three mobile casinos are participating jointly in Cupid’s Target. The other four PC casinos are First Web, VIP Lounge, All Jackpots, and Wild Jack casinos. The three mobile casinos belong to All Slots, All Jackpots, and Wild Jack casinos.

When you play Cupid’s Target, you have one account. You can play at any of the eight participating casinos and your Loyalty Points grow as though all your gaming were bat one casino! The same applies to your daily gaming. Remember, if you play every day, you’ll get 7 times the number of tickets you earned through Loyalty Points!

Mobile Has a Quick Solution

One of the reasons All Slots and Jackpot Factory went to weekly sessions in their monthly promotions was because many gamers, especially Canadian online casinos players! So, simply being able to play on your mobile device amounts to another great casino bonus available at All Slots.

If you are so busy that you can’t find the time to play Cupid’s Target on your PC, you can quickly swipe into your mobile casino app, play a few games, get credited for having played that day, and receive your casino bonus of a higher multiplier for that week’s draw tickets!

The Biggest Casino Bonus of All

All Slots has a casino bonus in four parts of $1630 for new players. In addition to this enormous casino bonus for deposits in the first week of membership as a player, All Slots adds $30 free money! So, the total available casino bonus for new bonus is a potential $1630!

The More You Play…

Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo gives you the chance to earn tickets the easy and fun way: by playing any of the almost 800 games available at All Slots casino. You earn Loyalty Points with each wager so the Loyalty Points grow quickly and you get one ticket for every 50 Loyalty Points.

Cupid’s Target has a big casino bonus: you can multiply your tickets based on the number of days you play that week. The casino bonus multiplier is 3x for three days up to 7x for seven days.

Cupid’s Target guarantees that 1440 players will share the $25,000 being awarded each week. You can win in different weeks, of course. All the more reason to play Cupid’s Target All Slots Promo every day in February!