Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots!

Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots!

Throughout the world pirates have buried hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen treasure and now, this August, you can join the treasure seekers who are ready to uncover the motherlode and walk away with a wealth of payouts. The Canadian casino presents the bonus promotion Pirate’s Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots! One simple spin of the pirates’ compass can deliver your portion of the $100,000 in pirate loot including the opportunity to win free spins on your favourite slots or bonus credits to be used at your discretion.

Every month the All Slots online promotions for Canadians get bigger and better and the Pirate’s Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots! is the biggest and best promotion yet. There’s more fun, more entertainment and more payouts on all of your gambling activities, regardless of whether you’re an old salt or are just getting your feet wet in the online casino venue. The promotion is geared to ensure that everyone can win at All Slots, regardless of whether you prefer to play table games, slot machines, lotteries, variety games or card games. Enjoy your casino entertainment on your PC or mobile device and add to your existing winnings with genuine pirate’s loot.

Admirals of the Black

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, pirates ruled the Atlantic, especially the areas around the Caribbean and the Barbary coast. It is estimated are that the brethren of the coast plundered hundreds of millions of dollars in gold, silver, jewels, gems and other types riches. The pirates raided merchant ships which were returning from the New World laden with the natives’ wealth. The navies of the great powers were almost helpless in the face of the well-armed pirates who preyed on unsecure vessels. The kings of France, Spain, Portugal, England and Holland were furious, since the treasures that the pirates were taking were meant to enter their own coffers.

Paradoxically, the pirates’ success was their undoing – the more riches that they acquired, the more they were hunted. They had nowhere to use their ill-gotten gains and could do little more than gaze on the glittering jewels and shining coins. Many of the pirates devised secret hiding places for their treasure chests, buried under the earth on isolated islands and along the Atlantic coastline. They reasoned that if they couldn’t use this booty, no one else would be able to use it either.

Most of the pirates were either captured or died at sea. Well-known pirates such as Captain Kidd, Edward Teach, Blackbeard and others were never able to reclaim their buried treasure and the loot remains buried in multiple locations. Historians estimate that, all in all, there are hundreds of millions of dollars in jewels, gems and coins buried throughout the world.

Canadian Casino Promotion

Join the Pirate’s Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots! Canadian casino promotion and bring some of the pirates’ loot home with you. Win cash on your PC or mobile device. Sign into your personal account and spin the pirate’s compass on the casino’s Promotions page. This compass spin is free and open to everyone, regardless of your level of gambling activity. When the compass stops spinning, check where the needle is pointing. You might win free spins or bonus credits…. or, if you spin once every promotional period, you might win both!

The promotional periods include:

  • August 2 2015 – August 8 2015
  • August 9 2015 – August 15 2015
  • August 16 2015 – August 22 2015
  • August 23 2015 – August 29 2015
  • August 30 2015 – September 5 2015


The promotion swag includes free spins or bonus credits. If your spin resulted in a free spins prize you can use those free spins on the Avalon, Thunderstruck II, Ariana, Gold Factor or Pistoleras slot machines at the Download or Flash casino. For mobile players, the free spins apply to Avalon slots. If you won your free spins while playing on mobile, you can move over to a PC and play any of the five slots games on a laptop or desktop. Similarly, if you won your free spins at the pirate’s compass while playing on a PC, you can collect your free spins while playing Avalon on your mobile device.

Bonus credit winners receive their credits in increments of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty and one hundred credits, with the compass spin indicating how many credits you’ve won. These credits are applicable to all of the casino games on mobile and PC.

Blimey! Free Promotion

Pirate’s Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots! is a free casino promotion. Everyone who has a casino account is eligible to spin the compass for free. Once you’ve determined your win you proceed according to the instructions on your notification. You may be requested to make a deposit to apply your free spins to your wagered game – if so, go ahead and use the wager on one favourite game or split it up and use it for multiple games, at your leisure.

Additional Bonus for Additional Payouts

Avast matey! Playing Pirate’s Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots! doesn’t mean that you strike the colors on your other casino bonuses. The August promotion is an EXTRA promotion which is added to your regular bonuses. That means that, in addition to your Pirates Loot free spins and points, you’ll continue to accrue all of your regular casino bonus credits, match points, Loyalty Points, free spins, VIP deals and other casino amenities even as you participate in the Pirates Loot bonus game. New players receive a rewarding Welcome Bonus that’s worth up to $1630 during the first week of gambling activity at All Slots. Old salts collect Loyalty Points which they can then redeem for luxury gifts and other valuable give-aways
Online gambling has never been as exciting and rewarding as it is today when you join the Pirate’s Loot – Everyone Wins at All Slots! bonus promotion.