The Quest- All Slots Winning Promotion New from November 1st

The Quest- All Slots Winning Promotion New from November 1st

The Quest – All Slots winning promotion is a new promotion that is running from November 1st through until November 28th. The promotion is made up of four different sessions and by just playing real money casino games, the player has a chance to win a casino bonus. This promotion is one of the easiest to take part in at the Canadian online casinos and is exciting in addition to being very generous. In order to take part in the promotion, the player needs to “opt-in” to the promotion.

Once the player has opted in his loyalty points are automatically converted to potential casino bonus payouts through the special quest promotion. The player may opt in through a number of ways. He may register on the home page of The Quest- All Slots winning promotion or he can click on the “to the Quest” button or he can click on the button that is shown in the My Offers section of the casino. In addition, the player may receive direct marketing material through his email that offers a direct link to the home page of the promotion.

Four Sessions to The Quest – All Slots winning promotion

The Quest- All Slots winning promotion consists of four different sections. Players must use the points they have earned in each session for that session. By opting in to the promotion, the player automatically allows the promotion to use loyalty points that have been earned for the promotion. The player earns loyalty points for every dollar that he spends at the casino. One loyalty point is equivalent in value to one promotional point and the player may use these to try and earn the golden bonuses that are awarded in this special promotion.

The player may not win more than two goals or bonus payouts per session. The player may not carry over his loyalty points i.e. his promotional points from session to session. He must use what he has earned in the time scale allotted for each session. The exact dates and times of each session are detailed in the terms and conditions of the promotion on the leader page.

Instant Bonus Rewards with The Quest – All Slots winning promotion

If a player has won one or more of the bonus payouts during a session, it is automatically credited to his casino account and the casino promises that it will be seen within 15 minutes of having been awarded. The cash payout is there for the player to use on other games or save for future games. Players may earn loyalty points that convert to the promotional points on any of the casino games that are offered at the All Slots.

The Canadian online casinos offer an incredible choice of online casino games and bonuses with some of the most exciting promotions in the business today but The Quest – All Slots winning promotion is definitely destined to be one of the most popular because it is simply easy to take part and almost effortless. All that players need to do is make sure that they opt in to the promotion and remember by when they have to use up the promotional points they have earned i.e. they must use up their points in the week that they have earned them. The points may not be carried over to the next week.

Playing The Quest- All Slots winning promotion earns the player a very generous casino bonus that is immediately credited to the players account and the player does not have to do anything apart from continue to play his chosen casino games.